Anonymous: what's your new blog??

i don’t want to post it publicly since my family has a problem with stalking my social media to check on my mental health. even if i don’t make personal posts on the newest one, i don’t want really anyone knowing who runs it.

Anonymous: You're cis whether you like it or not.

taranoire this is you, isn’t it? even if it’s not, i’m sorry, but read my goddamn sob story.

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if you are cis you have no right to decide what is and isn’t trans

do you guys even want to know what’s going down on my new blog rn…….. it’s hardcore

Anonymous: terfs =/= people who think faer pronouns are BS. I am 100% supportive of actual trans people and I have several close trans friends in real life and I donate to trans rights causes. but your appropriating bullshit is not trans.

fuck you

you are a terf

it doesn’t matter that you have trans friends

i literally want to slice off my breasts and mutilate my genitals because of my dysphoria

Anonymous: I'm on your side with the whole you vs. taranoire thing :3... She's really mean and I'm sorry that you even know her.

i got really drunk last night after making some cupcakes and then at 4am i started panicking and puking and my brother came home all weird and i had to take care of him it was kind of fun.

she’s a terf.. along with racist, cissexist and rape/pedophilia sexualizing posts spread along through her blog like some butter on toast. she is cis too.

Anonymous: kill yourself you little cis cunt. stop sending anon hate to taranoire.

umm okay i have only seen that stuff this morning. i think i know the person who sent the messages and i’m gonna talk to her. otherwise i think y’all are horrible terfs.

Anonymous: No one is misgendering you you little faggot. You're female, and only two genders exist. As taranoire said, get some mental help. You're a fucking insane psychotic stalker.

see maybe it’s only me that 13 is too young to have these messages in my inbox. but i was on here at 11 getting off to rape so i think i deserve it. 

^this is me

there is an ableist post going around about me

message me between today and tomorrow night for my url idc who you are

Anonymous: Why are you defending fem-ed when she was such a creep to you


1) Because she’s mentally ill and it’s never okay to make fun of a neuroatypical person, especially in a public forum like that. That could trigger the fuck out of her. 

2) Just because someone has treated me in a negative manner does not mean I condone cruelty towards them. I no longer wish to associate with her because she sent me a LOT of messages, a few of which were very abusive, and some of which were kind. I don’t believe a friendship between us would be healthy for her or me but I would NEVER, EVER want anyone to treat her badly. 

3) This isn’t an invitation for her to come back, either. I just felt I should defend her because no one else seemed to be doing it. 

i ain’t a she, hon

startin to love white boys who like anime for their innocence from tht stuff

k i’m starting to shake thinking about this and i’m sharing a bed with two other people in a cramped hotel room in another province so. bye

bein androphobic, also most of the people who like fma are truscum or sexualizing fucking 13 year olds saying that the character is having sex with people wayy older than them and calling them a slut and having the older person act all grooming and like FUCCK off i am starting to enjoyfuckin royai

Anonymous: What is even the deal with you and hating FMA fans. What did they do to you.

1. don’t remember saying that
2. this blog shouldn’t still be getting asks after i announced that i remade
3. hate the series not the people yknow.. 2 many bad memories and bad experiences related to it
4. i used to ship royed but now it triggers the shit out of me and i can’t think of fma without thinking of it
5. who are you why are you here? get in your lane punko